CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet Grammar Prepositions

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I Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

1.The public are cautioned _____________ pickpockets.

2.You boys must settle it __________yourselves.

3.Do not cry________ split milk.

4.The exercise was written_________ me _______ a camlin pen.

5.I shall do it ____________ pleasure.

II. Choose the correct or most appropriate prepositions:

1.The thieves broke the window and climbed(across/over/through) it.

2.He was the first man to row single-handed (across/over/along) it.

3.She made her way up the hill (across/along/through) a narrow path.

4.What would you like to drink (at/with/by)your meal.

5.Thank you very much (to/for/about)your help.

6.It shouldn‟t take long to repair your watch. Come back __________ (after/in/about) half an hour and I‟ll have it ready for you.

III.Fill in the blanks with suitable gerunds:

1.Shivani likes __________bananas.

2.I like _________the Ramayana.

3.She began _________rapidly.

4.It is no use __________now.

5.The safe showed no signs of ___________been touched.

6.I missed _________her.

7.Car __________ and weight __________ are my hobbies.

IV. Active and passive voice:

A) Rewrite the following sentences putting the verbs , given in the brackets, in the appropriate passive voice form:

1. Appointment letters ________________to all the candidates. (sent)

2.About 50,000 people __________in the earthquake in Pakistan last month. (kill)

3. The doctor ___________immediately. (sent for )

4. The food __________nicely .Everyone enjoyed it. (cook)

5.The letter must _________ today. (post)

B) Change the voice:

1.The people regarded him as an imposter and called him a villain.

2. Shall I ever forget these happy days.

3.Do not insult the meek.

4.I saw him opening the box.

5.You are being watched very carefully by me.

6.He was refused admittance by the guard.

7.My watch was lost.

8.The information is kept on our computer.

9.A chair was handed to her.

10.By whom was this done?

Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet Grammar Prepositions

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