CBSE Class 5 Maths Model Test Paper (2)

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General Instructions:

1) There are 4 sections in the paper and aU questions are compulsory.

2) Do the calculations carefully and accurately.

3) Revise the paper thoroughly to avoid careless errors.

4) There are two marks for neatness and presentation.


i.Fill in the blanks: . 

a) lcrore=____________________________millions

b] The difference between the place-value and face value of 7 in 5274089is _

c) The smallest 8-digit number formed using each of the digits 8,5,0,3, 1, 2, 9,7 only once is___________

d) _______________is the predecessor of 32,11,79,000.

e] The place 1000 times smaller than millions is_____________

f) 79,099,990 is the successor of__________________________ 

ii(a) Write the number name in words for 206,016,001.


  (b) Write the expanded form for 9891.1080. 


  (c) Write the following numbers in descending order(show the sign): 

880110900 ,    88001190 ,     881100900 ,     880099110


d (1) Write the numeral for:

(i) Nine hundred one million ten thousand ninety. __________________________

(ii) 8 crores + 5 lakhs + 2 ten thousands + 9 hundreds +7 Ones =_____________

III(a) Round off the following :

(i) 92499 to the nearest thousand._________________

(ii) 1608 to the nearest hundred.___________________

( b) Which numbers can be rounded onto:

(i) 7100_______________________________________

(ii) 500________________________________________


IV Put a tick (\,/) mark on the correct answer for the following: 

(i) The greatest factor of 100 is

(a) 1      (b) 100      (c) 10      (d) 1000

(ii) The fourth multiple of 16 is

(a) 4      (b) 16       (c) 1          (d) 64

(iii) The numbers having only two factors are called as

(a) Prime       (b) co-prime       (c) even       (d) composite

(iv) The first common multiple of 4 and 5 is

(a) 1           (b) 10             (c) 20       (d) 40

(v) A number that is divisible by all three numbers, that is, 2, 5 and 10 is

(a) 255       (b) 220            (c) 102      (d) 5122

(vi) A number that is divisible by 2 and by 4..

(a) 902       (b) 2222          (c) 422      (d) 7700

Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 5 Maths Model Test Paper (2)

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