CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Question Paper SA 1 2012

CBSE Computer Science Question Paper for Class 9 CBSE exams for CBSE Students. Based on CBSE and CCE guidelines. The students should practice these Question Papers to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination. Please refer to more CBSE Class 9 question papers in other links. The CBSE Question papers are prepared based on trend in past examinations and expected questions in CBSE exams. Its always recommended by CBSE to practice the papers released by CBSE to get better exams in CBSE exams. CBSE Last Year Question Papers for class 9 for final/ term/ SA1/ SA2 Examinations conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education for all CBSE affiliated schools in India and abroad. Please refer to more CBSE Class lX sample papers, question papers, HOTs etc in other links.


Subject : COMPUTER

Time : 3 hrs. Class : IX

Q.1 Multiple Choice Questions :-

(i) A part of the central processing unit :-

(a) APU (b) ALU (c) VDU (d) CD-ROM

(ii) Which of these devices can hold the most data:

(a) floppy disk (b) CD-ROM (c) CD-R (d) DVD

(iii) My computer and Windows Explorer both allow you to :

(a) view files/ folders (b) rename files/folders

(c) move files/ folders (d) all of these

(iv) a tool in Paint used to pick a desired color from the image:

(a) Pick Color (b) Choose Color (c) Copy Color (d) Fill with Color

(v) Key combination used for selecting a single line downward:

(a) Shift+Down Arrow (b) Shift+End (c) Shift+Left Arrow (d) Ctrl+A

(vi) Repetitive text or graphics printed at the top of the pages in a document:

(a) header (b) margins (c) footer (d) none of these

(vii) Feature that allows the user to insert symbols and special characters not available on the keyboard

(a) Signs (b) Symbols (c) Auto Shapes (d) Clip Art

(viii) Number of text columns a MS-Word document has by default

(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4

(ix) Individual pages of a presentation:

(a) panes (b) sheets (c) slides (d) none of these

(x) Menu in which the Rehearse Timings option is found:

(a) File (b) Insert (c) Tools (d) Slide Show

Q.2 Fill in the blanks 

(i) Drum printer is a type of ...................... (line/character) printer.

(ii) A .................. (ISP/modem) converts digital data from a computer into analog data that may be transmitted over telephone lines.

(iii) OSI Stands for ....................................... .

(iv) ........................ refers to programming instructions written by the programmer.

(v) There are two types of .............. bars: horizontal and vertical.

(vi) You can select multipe files and folders by holding down the ................. key.

(vii) An ................... system is the basic software that controls the computer.

(viii)MS Word automatically marks possible grammatical errors with a wavy.......... underline.

(ix) ............. refers to arranging data in a specific order.

(x) The .................... view displays a slide on the full computer screen.

Q.3 True / False 

(i) The Slide Sorter View displays miniature slides of the presentation.

(ii) You can also record your own sound or voice narration in PowerPoint.

(iii) Power Point allows you to adjust the timings for each slide.

(iv) In PowerPoint, only images can be animated, not text.

(v) No calculations can be performed in a table made in word.

(vi) Bullets and Numbering option can be found in the Tools menu.

(vii) Google and Alta Vista are examples of Web Browsers.

(viii) Notepad is a text editor

(ix) The clock is present on the Quick Launch Bar.

(x) Pressing INSERT turns on the Overtype mode.

Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 9 Computer Science Question Paper SA 1 2012

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