CBSE Class 6 - MCQ Electricity And Circuit

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Choose the correct answer from the bracket.

1. In electric bells electric energy transform in to ____________energy.

(a)Mechanical energy (b) Magnetic energy (c) Sound energy (d) Light energy

2.----------- is the positive terminal of an electric cell.

(a) Metal disc (b) Metal case (c) Metal cap (d) Metal base

3.The tiny coiled metal wire present inside the bulb is called____________.

(a) Element (b) Conductor (c) Filament (d) None of these

4. A combination of two or more electric cells is called___________.

(a) Electric circuit (b) Battery (c) Terminals (d) None of these

5. An electric bulb has ____________terminals.

(a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 1 (d) 2

6 ----------- is an electric device which easily closes or opens an electric circuit.

(a) Filament (b) Electric bulb (c) Electric switch (d) Electric cell

7. A material which does not allow the electricity to pass through it is___________.

(a) Conductor (b) Electric cell (c) Insulator (d) None of these.

8. Non metals like __________and __________are conductors of electricity.

(a)Wood and paper (b) Graphite and gas carbon (c) Glass and rubber (d) None of theses

9. A material which allows the electricity to pass through it is ________.

(a) conductor (b) Insulator (c) Transistor (d) None of these

10. Electric energy is produced from the____________ within the cell.

(a) Chemicals (b) Metals (c) Terminals (d) None of these

11. A complete electric circuit is called______________ electric circuit.

(a) open (b) Closed (c) Complete (d) None of these

12. ----------- is an insulator.

(a) Metal (b) acid (c) Rubber (d) Salt solution

13.__________is a conductor.

(a) Wood (b) Metal (c) Paper (d) Petrol

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