Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

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HOTS Questions and Answers

Q.1 A straight wire carrying electric current is moving out of plane of paper and is perpendicular to it. What is the direction and type of induced magnetic field?

Q.2 How can it be shown that magnetic field exist around a wire carrying current?

Q.3 How can a solenoid be used to magnetise a steel bar.

Q.4 Why can’t two magnetic field lines ever intersect?

Q.5 Can a 5 A fuse be used in wire carrying 15 A current? Why?

Q.6 Give the factors that affect strength of magnetic field at a point due to a straight conductor carrying current.

Q.7 Where do we connect a fuse: with live wire or with neutral wire?

Q.8 Give two uses of electromagnets.

Q.9 Name any two devices which use permanent magnets.

Q.10 Draw the magnetic field lines representing uniform magnetic field.

Q.11 A current-carrying straight conductor is placed in the east-west direction. What will be the direction of the force experienced by this conductor due to earth’s magnetic field? How will this force get affected on? (a) reversing the direction of floe of current (b) doubling the magnitude of current

Please refer to attached file for Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

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