CBSE Class IX Maths Activities / Projects

Refer to attached file for CBSE Class IX Maths Activities / Projects

Activities / Projects Term - I
(1) Construct a square root spiral.
(2) Represent irrational number √2 on the number line.
(3) Verify the Identity.
(4) Verify the Identity.
(5) Verify experimentally that if two lines intersect, then
(i) The sum of all the four interior angles is 360 degree.
(ii) The sum of two adjacent angles is 180 degree.
(6) Verify that the sum of the angles of a triangle is 180 degree.
(7) Verify that the exterior angle is equal to sum of interior opposite angle.
(8) Verify experimentally the different criteria for congruency of triangles using different triangular cut out shapes.
(9) Verify experimentally that in a triangle, the longer side has the greater angle opposite to it.
(10) Design a crossword puzzles using mathematical terms/words.
(11) Search of various historical aspects of the number .
(12) Collection of various objects or congruent shapes.

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